Voice over IP

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is put simply, internet telephony. 

Following the BT Openreach announcement on the termination of voice services, all analogue and ISDN phone lines will be removed from sale in September 2023 and the service decommissioned by December 2025. So if you haven't already started thinking about changing your Voice solution, then now is a good time.

With our carefully selected partners, we offer the very latest in VoIP and internet technology to provide a fully integrated data & voice solution for your business. Ease of use, high feature set and reduced call charges for our customers is an essential requirement in our selection of services.


VoIP Features

Lower Costs

Reduced call charges and free on-net calls between users. The cost of international calls is much lower than using the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) system. As a digital packet-based system, calls can be made simultaneously, therefore, resulting in cheaper usage than the PSTN system.

Enhanced Phone Features

Keep your existing number; Voicemail to email; Auto-attendant; Call waiting and forwarding; Multiple lines; HD voice capability; Ability to integrate phones, faxes and high definition quality handsets; Customers are not charged separately for each individual feature.

Multiple Locations

Securely connect branch offices or remote workers to your head office telephone system resulting in free internal calls from different locations.

Desk to Desk Calling

Ability to connect all your users to a single telephone service with no added call charges. 

Flexibility and Scalability

Calls can easily be re-routed and it is very easy to deploy new handsets as business grows.  It’s very easy for us to initially set up and deploy more handsets as your business requirements grow. 

Evaluation of Usage

The ability to log incoming and outgoing calls for statistical or billing purposes.

Current VoIP Solutions

Spitfire SIP Hosted Telephony


Calls are delivered to Deskphones.

Pay per Extension per month with extremely low call charges.

Free Setup; £6+VAT per extension per month; Cheap rates (local\national calls @ 0.79pence+VAT per min and mobiles @ 2.95pence+VAT per min).

Please note rates are subject to change.

On-Premise Sangoma Solution


An On-Premise purpose-built, high-performance solution exclusive to Eva Clients, offering a wide set of advanced telephony features. The solution entails a one-off hardware and implementation fee and an on-going monthly Call Plan.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice


Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephony solution that integrates into Office 365. It gives you calling together with chat and meetings in a single app, Microsoft Teams. 

Only £12+VAT per user per month including 1200minutes

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