On-Premise and Cloud Server Solutions


Eva Technology Solutions has dedicated expertise in Microsoft Server Developments with up to date knowledge. We understand that Servers are vital to the operations and survival of Small Businesses, therefore we make it our business to ensure yours is setup to run smoothly and efficiently.

Our strategic partnership with Microsoft and hardware vendors like Dell allow us to gain the best insights into selecting the Server Solutions that are a correct fit for your Business Needs now and into the future.

As part of the solution we put together we review and advise not just on the Server, but all the other parts of the business that make the most of the Server. These include the Desktop PCs, Networking and Routers, Printers, Remote Setups and most importantly training your Staff to use the systems effectively to get the most out of your investment.


Without a doubt, the most heavily used word in IT today is “Cloud”. What this means to you and whether this is something you need to get in on is where we advise and assist.

Whether it’s having your emails Hosted in the Cloud as opposed to On-premise, or moving your whole Networking Infrastructure out of your office into a Virtual environment, we are here to help. When you rely on cloud, you can apply your capital and human resources toward your highest priority business requirements, rather than on maintaining your IT infrastructure.

No one is too small or too big to get in the cloud. With our years of expertise working with SME’s, we can quickly and honestly advise on if and why you should or shouldn’t and obviosuly how.


To find out how we can help your business develop with a Server Solution please reach out to us for a no-obligation chat