Other IT Related Services

You should not have to deal with multiple parties for being able to handle ALL your IT Services. That's why, when you choose us to manage your IT, you not only get our services but also access to a pool of other essential service providers. We would handle it all for you so you don't need to waste your time and energy. Our carefully selected partners have the same drive to deliver high-quality customer care (otherwise, quite simply we would not work with them - as our reputation with you matters). The benefits for you are that you only deal with one provider, i.e. EVA, for ALL your IT and secondly, you can be sure that the service offered has been, tried, tested and successfully delivered. The following are a few of the common essential services we offer.


Our Partner provides the latest and most cutting edge printer technology. They will carry out a free of charge print audit to understand and advise on your requirements. There are no Cons and Tricks into Leasing agreements - Please see THIS ARTICLE to ensure you do not get caught.

Download the Brochure HERE to find out more.


When it comes to cabling a workspace, whether it be from start or adding additional cables to an existing setup, our expert partners are the ones we entrust to provide Eva clients with the best possible service.

With today’s advances in cabling technology and increasing bandwidth requirements, it is critical to consider the dynamics between network protocols, cabling system performance and life-cycle costs. Your mission-critical Network is only as good as the infrastructure it is built on. Our trusted partners provide a strategic approach to a broad range of Network infrastructure solutions according to client needs in the present as well as the future. Safety is of course paramount and you can rest assured that all jobs are carried out under strict supervision and in accordance with Health and Safety Policy.


With remote workers becoming more business critical it is imperative to ensure that they have a fully functioning laptop to work from. However there may come a time when the laptops need to be repaired due to unforeseen circumstances.

Our trusted partner offer a wide range of repairs to save our client’s money. With Chip-Level/Component Level repairs which means diagnosing and fixing faults down to IC and component level, hence providing the Lowest Cost of repairs possible of any Laptop Computers. All the repair engineers are extensively trained, so there are no Laptops that cannot be fixed at chip-level and this is why we at Eva would recommend and use ourselves.


From failed SD cards to hard drives and large storage arrays, our trusted partner can retrieve your lost data from all kinds of storage media. No matter what safety precautions are in place the very core of most modern businesses exists solely as data stored on computers, mobile devices, and servers. When this data becomes lost or inaccessible time is often a priority.

Our trusted partners offer two key services, an Emergency service where recovery is normally possible the same day and a standard service that offers the same extensive recovery but takes a little longer to complete. The skills and expertise of our trusted partner lead to excellent success rates on all forms of recovering data. Data Recovery is available from Hard Drives, SSD, Flash Memory and RAID Arrays, often in cases where other companies have failed. Using an interactive recovered data viewer, Eva’s clients can see what files and folders can be recovered from the failed storage device.


To find out more about any of the mentioned services or any other IT Related serivce, get in touch.