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Are you looking to work with a technical organisation that can offer you unlimited support and explain technical solutions in a language non-technical people can understand? If the answer is yes, then make our IT company your IT department today.

We offer 3 Levels of Support Services ranging from a Bronze (Basic Break\Fix); Silver (Time Based Managed Service); or Gold (All-Inclusive Fully Managed Service). Each service is designed to meet the varying needs of SMBs, offering different levels of responsibility for managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure.

  • Your IT Support Service will be accessible either via Telephone Support connecting you directly to a Technician as well as an Online Helpdesk Portal where you can Log and Track the progress of your Requests. This also comes as an App for Smart Devices (such as Apple and Android Phones).

  • With our Gold Fully Managed Service, we watch over key aspects of your network enabling us to fix problems before you even know they exist. Our systems are designed to alert us to any problems that may have the capacity to cause disruption in your organisation.

  • Across the Silver and Gold Service, we document findings which will include essential details of your network, including hardware (Servers, PCs, Laptops, Routers, Firewalls, Printers, Switches and Access Points), software (Antivirus, 3rd Party Applications, Microsoft Applications), Internet Connectivity, Operating Systems and any Peripherals in preparation for a Full Infrastructure report.

  • We aim to cover ALL your IT needs and our straightforward fees mean you get the most cost-effective solution and never have any unwanted surprises.

The key to our success is to develop a long-term relationship based on a detailed understanding of your Business IT requirements together with a proven ability to deliver a proactive, progressive, trusting and friendly IT support service.


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